Your Corporate Financial Advisor

Our mission is to support entrepreneurs and small businesses to professionally  manage their finances and smartly operate their business within the tax and regulatory framework of Nepal.


Our range of services includes support for financial management support, bookkeeping, financial reports for audit, VAT filing, ETDS filing, business registration, tax fines & penalties, liaison with Tax authorities, update documents at Office of Company Registrar, business closure and more.

Corporate Financial Advisory Service

Our continuous/periodic service is popular among businesses who do not need a full time in-house professional to take care of the accounting system. This service includes: 1. Bookkeeping Service 2. Periodic Reports 3. Tax compliance

One-time Service

A lot of businesses approach us to help them create accounting and relevant systems. This is normally done when the business is attempting to create a professional approach and comply with relevant tax or regulatory provisions that may be needed based on new regulation or old demands.

Liaising with Government Agencies

Entrepreneurs may not have the experience or the time to deal with government agencies. We help them fulfill their legal duties by liaising with the government officials/agencies on their behalf to ensure compliance of regulations.

How can our services be engaged?



What our Clients Say about Us

I have relied on Ark Consulting for all my accounting and tax management needs for the past five years. In this duration, the services I have received from them, which range from internal controls to advice on all sorts of tax issues, have been both professional and, more importantly, very personalized. Today, Pradip and his team at Ark have become an indispensable partner for me: because of the trust I have on their ability to fully take care of their share of the work, gives me the opportunity to focus on the core strengths of my business.

Nirjan Rai
Director, Policy Entrepreneurs, Inc.

We have been working with Ark Consulting since BS 2072 (2015 AD) for our accounting and tax management activities. In these four years of working with Pradip ji and his team, we have had a very smooth journey. They are efficient in identifying and taking care of internal controls, legal and tax issues and are a pleasure to work with.  Outsourcing these aspects of our business has been a hassle-free experience for us, allowing us to focus on our core business activities.

Santosh Ranjitkar
Director, Fantastic Nepal Holidays