Ark Consulting Pvt. Ltd.


Ark Consulting is a growth-oriented consulting firm that delivers professional accounting support services to its clients.

We provide professional accountant consulting and accuracy for our clients who are maintaining their accounts not just for statutory compliance but use the data captured for monitoring and other managerial functions. We assist our clients with financial management, offer advice on improving profitability, conduct tax research and also help in tax documentation. Our main focus has been in providing value-added service and furnishes knowledge to help our clients make informed decisions.

Our team has relevant experience in accounting support services so that we can determine what accounting services you need as well as liaising with taxation and other statutory authorities. Since our inception in early 2015, we have been able to grow our team of dedicated and diligent co-workers. Detailed work maintained in a clean and reconciled form provides the most comprehensive accounting services. Our clients include non-profit as well as all types of businesses ranging from manufacturing, hospitality, trading, and service. We make sure our services accommodate our clients’ needs. Our assistance helps your business make strategic decisions, and also help track your finances more accurately. Not just saving you time, resources and frustration but also gives you a chance to make your business grow more efficiently.

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Phone – 9869134383